Bendix King GPH5102XP and GPH5102X-CMD

Bendix King GPH5102XP and Bendix King GPH5102X-CMD

This BK Radio (formerly known as Bendix King LMR) handheld analog two way radio comes in command or standard version. The standard version (GPH 5102XP) has 400 channels. The command version of this venerable BK Radio (formerly known as Bendix King LMR) radio has 500 channels that may be configured in command groups.

Both the GPH5102XP and the GPH5102X-CMD can can be cloned from any other model BK Radio (formerly known as Bendix King LMR) Two way handheld radio. Couple that with the lower price and you have an affordable solution for wildland fire fighting contractors who are not ready to upgrade to a P25 digital solution. The accessories for the BK Radio (formerly known as Bendix King LMR) GPH series handheld two way radios are also interchangable with all but the new BK Radio KNG series BK Radio handheld two way radios. If you previously owned an LPH or EPH you can still use your old accessories.

Here at we recommend the 0049 AA battery clamshells for the BK Radio GPH series analog handheld two way radios. AA batteries are readily available on the fireline and 0049 series clamshell makes it easy to operate the BK Radio GPH series radio on AA batteries. The 0049 clamshell is available in red, blue, yellow, black and even pink.

The affordability and compatibility of the GPH5102XP and GPH5102X-CMD is unquestionable. BK Radio’s GPH series radio is the trusted by cost conscious fire fighting contractors across the country.
Bendix King GPH Bendix King GPH Command

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