Bendix King DPH5102X and DPH5102X-CMD

Bendix King DPH5102X and Bendix King DPH5102X-CMD

The legendary BK Radio (formerly known as Bendix King LMR) handheld digital two way radio comes in a standard and command version. The command version has 500 channels arranged in command groups, while the standard version has 400 channels.

Both the DPH5102X and the DPH5102X-CMD can use the same batteries and other accessories as earlier analog radios from BK Radio(formerly known as Bendix King LMR) . The accessory components for BK Radio radios have upgraded independently of the radios. This makes upgrading to P25 digital more affordable. You can simply buy the radio and keep using your old speaker microphone, batteries, cloning cables, etc. . . recommends the new 0172 battery for the DPH5102X and DPH5102X-CMD P25 digital two way radios. The 0172 has a capacity of 3800mAh, the largest capacity of any battery available for BK Radio’s DPH series radios. The 0172 battery is used with a rapid rate charger and achieves incredible charge times.

The durability of the DPH5102X and DPH5102X-CMD is unquestionable. BK Radio’s DPH series radio is the radio featured in the BK hammer video on our home page. The legendary durability of the BK Radio radios is why the DPH 5102X and DPH 5102X-CMD are long time favorites of the US Forest Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Cal Fire, Bureau of Land Management and other government agencies.
Bendix King DPH Bendix King DPH Command

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