Bendix King KNG P150, P150S, P150-CMD.

BK Radio KNG P150, BK Radio KNG P150S, and Bendix King KNG P150-CMD

The BK Radio KNG P150 digital portable 2 way radio comes in S, Tier III and Command versions. The KNG P150S meets the requirements for US Forest Service and is their preferred portable radio. The KNG P150-CMD has replaced previous Bendix King command radios as CalFire's preferred radio.

All versions of the Bendix King KNG P150 can can be cloned from any other model BK Radio 2 way portable radio, using the appropriate cloning cable. However the accessories such as speaker mics, antennas, and cases are not compatible with the accessories for the legacy brick style Bendix King radios. The past few years has seen an abundance of accessories come on the market. In fact any accessory for the older legacy series radios is now available in a KNG version.

Here at we recommend the BAKNGRCBA36R.2 super high capacity batteries and the CHKNGDT9R2B dual cup vehicle battery charger. The dual cup design allows you to charge your spare battery while you are also charging your radio. The super high capacity of the of this battery enables you to operate your radio up to 22 hours between charges, so even if you are away from your charger for a couple days the two batteries will allow you to operate like a pro the whole time.

Bendix King has raised the bar for durability with the KNG line of radios, by making them even more durable and longer lasting that their legendary legacy series..
BK Radio KNG P150 BK Radio KNG P150S BK Radio KNG P150-CMD

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